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NLP Training - Life Practice
Specialists in Human Potential Coaching

Life Coaching Training Courses, NLP Training, Hypnotherapy Courses in London & Hertfordshire CAll 01462 431112

Central to  Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire

Our client-focused approach includes the delivery of leading edge Life Coaching Training Courses Certified, NLP Training, Accredited Hypnotherapy Courses, Nutritional Expertise & Professional Mentoring Sessions  


Life Coaching Training Courses NLP Training, Hypnotherapy Courses“Mark Shields is greatly sought-after for his ability to transform people’s lives with his dynamic and innovative coaching and mentoring programmes. He is often given the accolade as being one of the UK’S leading behavioural change strategists

Alistair Horscroft Global Entrepreneur, Media Star  and CEO The Mind Academy  Australia

The UK`s Leading Life Coach – The CAM COACH – The Life Coach



Life Coaching Training Courses NLP Training, Hypnotherapy Courses.- 20 year flying phobia cured in 45 minutes live on TV

Richard Stent had suffered with a fear of flying for over 20 years. As his career progressed his employer required him to fly to client meetings in other parts of the world. In desperation he turned to the Life Practice to help him overcome his fear. We captured live on TV his progress.



BBC Radio –  The Lorna Milton Show –  2 hour Celebrity Special with Mark Shields -Thinking Yourself Thin

Mark Shields talks to Lorna Milton on BBC  Radio about how to think thin and lose weight.

Media – Article of the month

“the power of the mind heals young girls sight”

See how powerful Behavioural Change interventions helped change young Alana Dickinson’s life read her story here –  May: Jersey Life – The Power of the Mind Restores Young Girls Sight

NEW Life Coaching Training Courses NLP Training Course GET THE LIFE YOU WANT 6-11/6/16 Enrolling Now – Click Here

Life Coaching Training Courses NLP Training, Hypnotherapy Courses


“An incredible course with friendly and experienced course trainers, this course was a massive eye opener and has given me a path for my future career. I would highly recommend this course”

Michael Swain MBE – Public Figure – NLP PRACTITIONER

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Attention all CAM Practitioners and Therapists, our Best selling book The CAM Coach, written by Mark Shields and Simon Martin, has achieved international recognition.

Change Your Career and become a Life Coach

The Integrated Life Coaching diploma 4 part multi discipline

Specifically Designed for those wanting to become Professional NLP, Life  Coaches and open their own professional private Coaching Practice. Click here for further information.

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“Mark Shields is a genius and Master Teacher. I am not surprised he is considered one of the top NLP Trainers in the Country”

Danielle Henderson TV Presenter

“I was delighted to award mark shields his Certificate in NLP Mastery. He was awarded this for his demonstrated service, insight and unique advances within the NLP Industry”

Alistair Horscroft CEO The Mind Institute Australia. TV Presenter of SKY TV’S The Life Guru