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Since the CAM COACH book was first published in 2012 it has been so well received by students, practitioners, coaches, colleges and universities. The CAM Coach has become known as a business “blueprint” around the world for practitioners wishing to set up and sustain a successful practice or clinic.

The success of the book was soon followed by training courses reflecting the CAM COACH traditional business development courses and transformational coaching courses, subsequently The CAM COACH Coaching Academy was born.

To date CAM COACH education has reached practitioners from not only the United Kingdom but across to Europe, and, as far as, Dubai, the USA and Australia.

For this reason we decided create our Online Educational platform, the CAM Coaching Academy. This platform has enabled us to offer further educational resources for delegates at the touch of a button. The demands of today’s delegates are greater than ever and there has been an escalating need for world-class distance learning courses with benefits such as full Tutor support throughout each course. Delegates are embracing online study as it saves them time and money in that they can study from anywhere, anytime and at their own pace.

The CAM Coaching Academy offers home study distance learning accredited courses for individuals to learn a variety of disciplines from Talking Therapies such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Bi-lateral Eye Movement (NNRT) to Behavioural Science, Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching and Mindfulness Teacher Training, along with Business building courses so on completion delegates are then able to set up and start trading as a business upon graduation.

Our mission as an academy “to provide life changing education to everyone everywhere” is backed up by the fact we offer all level 1 and 2 diplomas completely free so that our platform can be tried out for size.

As pioneers of this e-learning revolution, individuals are now able to choose from over 40 fully accredited international transformational coaching diplomas, fully accredited, with choice of tutor options, multi free payment plan options, 100% online, in 3 different currencies.

So the CAM Coach book was the beginning of an unprecedented change in the way we serve our audience today and along the way we are proud to have received a number of awards including:

Join 100,000 CAM Practitioners Worldwide – Become part of a 50 year old progressive industry that supports conventional medical approaches to health & lifestyle management.