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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression Programmes

Anxiety & DepressionAnxiety & Depression. We offer extensive programs for Anxiety and Depression from the Life Practice Clinic in Hitchin Hertfordshire. Our clinic is easily accessible from Luton, Stevenage, St Albans, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and North London and can be reached by leaving the A1M at junction 8.

Anxiety and Depression are often experienced in tandem, although one may be more prominent than the other. Other associated symptoms include Obsessive and Compulsive behaviours although often less prominent. Symptoms of anxiety constitute a constant state of fear and worry sometimes with no apparent causes which can make this appear all the more frightening.

Anxiety is common these days with people suffering as a result of the economic crisis, stress at work, bad relationships, and financial pressures to name but a few.

Anxiety & Depression Programs

Anxiety & DepressionAnxiety & Depression With 1 in 2 of us suffering at any one time anxiety and depression are one of the largest forms of concern in the UK with forecasts suggesting by the year 2010 it will be the biggest health hazard to face the UK with more people off work with stress than unemployed.

Anxiety & Depression Sessions are designed to help you understand the cause of both anxiety and depression and offers various coping mechanisms using NLP and Cognitive techniques together with a long term strategy of overcoming the symptoms and being free of anxiety and depression forever.

Our programs also deal with the direct symptoms of panic and stress disorder.