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Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

Course Duration: 12 weeks
Cost: £1995.00


Fear of Flying This course is specifically designed for people who suffer from Aerophobia, a fear and dread of flying. It is run on a one to one or group basis. We teach you behavioural change strategies using Advanced NLP, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques. These will help you to understand your fear and face with confidence.

“A brilliant day. Mark even accompanied me on the plane. It was my first flight in 10 years and now I can’t believe I wasted so much time worrying about it”

Richard Stent , Jersey

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Watch Mark Shields help a client get over a 20 year flying phobia live on TV

Watch Mark Shields on ITV Channel Islands television helping Richard Stent
overcome his fear of flying.



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“Following our session I felt inspired, motivated, confident and unusually calm about my audition”

Paul Keating – Actor, two times Laurence Olivier Award Nominee