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Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks Different traumatic experiences are often blamed for causing panic attacks such as bereavement, redundancy and relationship issues.

Panic Attacks Whatever the reason or cause, the whole panic attack experience is truly terrifying. The main symptoms are shortness of breath, dry mouth, a regular need to urinate, chest pains, butterflies in the tummy and a feeling of nausea and faintness. It is common for panic attack sufferers to feel stressed, anxious, overworked, and overwhelmed. Often people that suffer with panic attacks can hyperventilate and lose control of their breathing.

Panic Attacks


Your course of treatment will teach you what happens when you experience a panic attack, we shall take an in depth look at what happens within your body and why you experience the different sensations linked with a panic attack.

When we will teach you techniques which will help you regain control of your senses and align your body back into balance. We shall also work together on a long term strategy of overcoming panic attacks.

“Prior to the course I was suffering with panic attacks most mornings and experienced a buzzing and an overwhelming sense of panic and fear that travelled up and down my body. I was coming to terms with losing a part of my body as a result of a terrible accident at work and at some points I simply felt an enormous sense of fear and a lack of control. Now I have been anxiety and panic free for three months and it feels great”. ”

Peter Norman, Hitchin, Herts