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Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress Management It is suggested that a certain amount of stress is good for us as it keeps us challenged and motivated and helps our overall performance but too much of it and we can find ourselves in trouble.

Stress is at an all time high in the UK, with work related stress disorders and ailments accounting for approximately 75-95% of all doctors’ visits, according to some estimates. Stress can severely affect health and has been linked to such diverse conditions as cancer, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, immune system breakdown, alcohol and substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, lung ailments, anxiety, depression and suicide to name but a few.

The Statistics of Stress

The most recently published statistics from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive provide us with a very worrying picture of the stress situation in the UK. The prevalence rate for work related stress in all industries was 1220 cases per 100,000 people employed averages over a three year period 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15.

The predominant cause of work related stress from the Labour Force Survey (2009/10-2011/12) was workload. Examples of this are:

  • tight deadlines
  •  too much work/pressure/responsibility
  •  a lack of managerial support
  •  organisational changes at work,
  •  role uncertainty (lack of clarity about job/uncertain what meant to do.)

Stress Management & Anxiety and Depression

stress management programmes

Research has indicated around 12 million adults see their GP each year with mental health problems. Most of these include anxiety and depression with much of it being stress related.  Work related stress accounts for 35% of work related ill health and 43% of days lost, in 2014/15.

The burden of stress causes accompanying changes in personal behaviours such as smoking, eating too much, drinking, poor quality sleep, anxiety & depression. Also people feel lethargic most of the time and have little or no energy

Our Stress Management Program & Solutions

These figures are alarmingly high and small changes can have big effects on individuals and across companies. As coaches we work on the basis that if one is going to overcome a problem or challenge first one has to understand it. Then with that knowledge one can implement the appropriate changes to improve the situation they may find themselves in. This is appropriate to anyone at work from whichever background or level they are at.

 We offer a structured Stress Management program which will help you to understand the following:

  • What stress is
  • How stress develops
  • How to recognise symptoms of stress – what are the “stressors” in your life
  • The 3 stages of Stress and how to recognise them
  • How stress effects us, physically and mentally
  • How stress impacts our every day lives
  • How we can overcome and beat work related stress

In addition we look at your diet, exercise regime and lifestyle and teach you techniques which will help you overcome these periods of pressure. By the end of the course of treatment each individual shall have their own devised Action Plan to take home and practice.

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