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Hypnotherapy Training Courses – The Professional Practitioner Cost £1350.00  early bird

Hypnotherapy Training Courses. The UK’S first award winning hypnotherapy course written and delivered by the industry’s NO1 business resource the CAM Coach. This complete and comprehensive learning experience  covers everything you need to know and will equip you with the skills, confidence and knowledge to apply the powerful strategies of hypnosis to yourself and others. This course is unique and the first of its kind in the UK as it offers delegates not only the skills and strategies used by the world’s most renowned behavioural change experts but also the guiding principles in becoming a practicing professional clinical hypnotherapist with the top tips and secrets of running a successful business

➢ Learn  the theory and practical skills behind hypnosis

➢ Learn how to apply the theory and hypnotise paying clients

➢ Learn how to build a successful hypnotherapy practice

➢ Add hypnotherapy to an existing therapy business


Hypnotherapy Training Courses



The Complete Hypnotherapy Professional Practitioner

You will learn

• Clinical Hypnosis – Core Skills
• Clinical Hypnosis – Clinical Application
• Business Set Up – How to set up as a practicing professional hypnotherapist in private practice
• The Market and regulation – All you need to know

Qualification obtained

Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner

Course Price

Price £1350.00 early bird

Price £1697.00  full investment


Professional membership organisations eligible to join

  • British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners – Practitioner Level
  • General Hypnotherapy Register – Foundation Level
  • CNHC – Practitioner Level

Payment plans

Free payment plans available with this course

Course Venue

The Sun Hotel Hitchin / Life Practice Head Office

Course Trainers

Tracey Baum and Mark Shields

Course Dates

8/5/17 – 14/5/17

25/9/17 – 1/10/17

Course Overview

This course is ideal for those looking to learn both the principles and practical side of clinical hypnotherapy. We look at how clinical hypnotherapy is applied today within the arena of “talking therapy’s and why and how it has earned the reputation as being the most powerful behavioural change tool available today.

This course will satisfy the needs of delegates looking to gain the confidence and skills to gain a deep and meaningful insight into the world of clinical hypnosis. In addition this course satisfies the demands of the industry regulators and provides a robust and informative vocational learning experience for those students looking to become professional hypnotherapists either now or in the future

The course has proved to be one of our most popular courses with many students coming from student referral and word of mouth. Past student feedback has always been exceptional especially around the course structure. We always ensure there is a healthy balance when training between live demonstration and practice, theory and study and core knowledge and practical application. This course will satisfy those students fascinated by the power of the unconscious mind wanting to learn the secrets of how hypnosis works and is applied, together with those students looking to enter the hypnosis arena as a practicing professional clinical hypnotherapist

Terms of Business Apply

The complete professional practitioner includes

• Free face to face training consultation without obligation to ensure the course meets your current learning & development needs & aspirations
• 60 Hours face to face training / 7 consecutive days
• 60 hours pre and post course study and assignments
• Post course support
• Free Flexible Payment plans
• Course assignments and dissertations
• Scheduled Courses available
• Course Manuals, Maps, Hand-outs & DVD
• Recommended Reading lists
• Life Practice Life Partner
• Free signed copy of our best selling business book THE CAM COACH

hypnotherapy training courses