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Transformational Coaching Graduates 2019

View their website, drop them a line, give them a call (where number is provided) and see first hand how they gained the confidence, took the plunge and opened the doorway to an exciting meaningful and rewarding new life & career.

Celebrating Student Excellence

Hayley Austin Founder

Hayley Austin Coaching October 2019

CAM’S 2018 Student of the Year Winner 0771 4669359

View Hayley’s new coaching business CLICK HERE

Jacki Hadley Founder

Blackpool Clinic of Hypnosis Nov 2019

07974 481825 to

See Jackie’s business post course CLICK HERE

Deborah Davison Founder

Wellness With Debs Jan 2020

07968 561520

See Debs business post course CLICK HERE

Charlotte Carter Founder

Suffolk Life Coaching Center

07979 141293

See Charlotte’s business post course CLICK HERE

Kay Mala Founder

London Life Coach Practice 2019

07957 611536 See Kay’s business

Post course CLICK HERE

Neil Reeves Founder

Neil Reeves Life Coaching Dec 2020

07913 180388 See Neils business

Post course CLICK HERE

Laura Smith June 2019 Founder

You Can Mind Coaching

07733 125486 View Laura’s

Business  CLICK HERE

Bobby Jo Founder

Hampshire Hypnosis Clinic Dec 2018

07894 761979 View BJ’S business


Ruth Davis June 2019 Founder

Law Of Attraction Coaching

07376 925 645 

View Ruth’s business set up CLICK HERE

Angela Cox Founder

Mindset Mentor June 2019

View Angela’s business set up CLICK HERE

Paul Connolly Founder

Specialist Conditioning

 View Pauls business set up CLICK HERE

Claire Williams Founder

Your Soul Energy Oct 2019

View Claire’s business set up CLICK HERE

Julia Burkin Founder

Curious About Coaching

View Julias business set up CLICK HERE

Raina Kalhan Founder

Best Of Me NLP 2019

View Raina’s business set up CLICK HERE


Lesley Hurst Founder

Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapy 2019

See Lesley’s new coaching business

07583158219 CLICK HERE

Colleen Moore

CAM Student of the Year Winner 2019

Founder Yellow Lemon Coaching

To view Colleens business CLICK HERE


Phil Roberton Founder

Fitness Aspirations

Nov 2019 Phil Roberton

Founder Fitness Aspirations

07515 881637

View Phil’s business setup CLICK HERE

Jo Lewis Founder

Lancashire Life Coaching Clinic 2019

View Joannes business setup CLICK HERE

Sabahat Ahmed Founder

Ashmir Inter Coaching Dubai 2019

View Sabahat’s International Business


Edie Pirowkoski Founder

Transformations Coaching 2019

View Edie’s business set up post course

075 1697 4621 CLICK HERE

Danielle Henderson Founder

Kids Soul Speak 2019

To see Danielle’s business

Post course CLICK HERE


Chloe Gross

Founder Chloe Gross Coaching 2019

To see Chloe’s business

Post course CLICK HERE


Jules Whale

Founder Jules Whale Coaching 2018

To see Jules business

Post course CLICK HERE


Emma Hossack Founder

Transforming Young Minds 2016

To see Emma’s business

Post course CLICK HERE


Margie Burns Founder

Aviation Coaching Alliance Ireland 2018

To see Margie’s business post course

+353-85-8182373 (Mobile) CLICK HERE

Linda Johnson Founder

London Clinic Of Hypnosis 2018

To see Lydia’s business post course

07970 276152  CLICK HERE



Clare Bennett Founder

Transformational Coach Scotland 2019

To see Claire’s business

Post course CLICK HERE


Carolina Brooks Founder

Functional Medicine Entrepreneur 2019

To see Carolina’s business CLICK HERE


Cheryl Binnis Founder

Rest a Mind & Massage 2019

To view Cheryl’s business

Post course CLICK HERE

Oliver Barnett Founder

London Clinic Of Nutrition

View Oliver’s business set up

Post course CLICK HERE



Roxana Hussein Founder

Transformational Coaching

To see Roxana’s business

Post course CLICK HERE


Joanne Mullen Founder

Joanne Mullen Retreats 2019

To see Joanna’s business

Post course CLICK HERE

Thomas Massallis Founder

Mind Coach Ireland 2019

+353 83 044 6832 to see Thomas’s

Business post course CLICK HERE

Sunil Naphray Founder

Life Genius Coaching

To see Sonny’s business

post course CLICK HERE



Monica Black.

Award Winning Coach, Author

Creator of NNRT Founder

Hampstead Hypnotherapy

07776 230332

To see Monica’s business CLICK HERE


Joanna Mcconville Founder

Clarity Life Coaching Northern Ireland

To see Joanna’s business CLICK HERE


Emerson Scott Founder

Mind & Body Practice

See Emerson’s business CLICK HERE


Sarah Jane Woods Founder

Sarah Jane Woods Life Coaching

To see Sarah’s business CLICK HERE



Renata Wood Founder RKW Coaching

To see Renata’s business CLICK HERE