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Celebrating Student Excellence

During 2019 over 1500 students enrolled in our coaching academy’s. As a management team we selected our top 25 students, narrowed down to our final 6 winners.


The awards are based upon a number of key factors.

  1. Course core competency scores
  2. Teamwork academy support
  3. Fellow student support & interaction
  4. Final core competency sign off results
  5. Quality of coursework


Colleen Moore – Winner student of the year 2019 Life Practice Academy

Colleen has hit the ground running since she finished her studies with us not only has she created a fantastic website offering programs, workshops and online coaching across the world. She also had an opportunity to feature as a mindset expert on a radio show in Covent Garden, London. Check out her website: and Instagram @yellowlemoncoaching

Ross Convery – Winner student of the year 2019 The NLP Coaching Company

Ross came all the way down from Scotland to join our face to face courses this year and he has created his Instagram account @inspiredthinking_rossconvery where he motivates his followers to make the necessary changes in their life. The instagram platform is get tool for coaches and Ross has grabbed it with both hands letting his audience know about his motivational talks and workshops which he has also devised since completing his studies.

Hayley Austin – Winner Life Practice Academy’s Rising Star 2019

Hayley Austin graduated from the Life Practice Academy in 2018 and since then this year she has been “on-fire”. Not only has she set up her website a range of programs but she has written a book “Freedom from Anxiety” and created a range of wellness products in the form of soy candles, room spray, diffusers which are wonderful for her clients during their sessions with her and inside their own homes. She also now Tutors our Level 4 students at the Life Practice Academy. You can also follow her on Instagram @hayleylifecoach

Colleen, Hayley and Ross will all receive wall mounted certificates and a trophy along with an article written about them in the Holistic Therapist Magazine.

Well done also to our brilliant finalists…

Ruth Anderson-Davis – Finalist student of the year 2019 The NLP Coaching Company

Scarlett Webster – Finalist student of the year 2019 The NLP Coaching Company

Sunil Naphray – Finalist student of the year 2019 Life Practice Academy