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Magazine Publications

Magazine Publications

Magazine Publications. Here is a collection of articles that have been published in Woman’s Own, the CAM Magazine, True Health Magazine, TILT MagazineHolistic Therapist Magazine & Jersey Life In order to subscribe to any of these publications please click the appropriate link above.




JERSEY LIFE MAG: Nov 2018 – Gratitude, Science or Emotion?

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Oct 2018 – Life Coaching the career of the millennium

SME News 2018 – Q3 – Making a positive impact on the world

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Sept 2018 – Is fear holding you back?

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Aug 2018 – Are our children too social for their own good?

JERSEY LIFE MAG: WEALTH SPECIAL EDITION July 2018 How to attract wealth using mind power

JERSEY LIFE MAG: June 2018 – How well and happy are your workforce

JERSEY LIFE- May issue – Achieve more in life and business with NLP

JERSEY LIFE MAG: April 2018 – Insomnia

JERSEY LIFE MAG: March 2018 – the strategy for achieving more, NLP in the workplace

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Feb 2018 – Valentine’s Day – is this your year of love or loss?

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Jan 2018 – New Years Resolutions – do you have what it takes to change your life for the better?




Jersey Life Dec 2017 – Will you be lonely this Christmas?

Jersey Life – Nov 2017 – S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Jersey Life – Oct 2017 – Think yourself thin this autumn

Jersey Life – Sept 2017 – Staying happy in uncertain times

Jersey Life – Aug 2017 NLP at work

Jersey Life July 2017 The customer is always right

Jersey Life June 2017 – Is modern day medicine enough to get to the root of the problem? p.58-59

Jersey Life May 2017: Can NLP help you to be a better a parent?

Jersey Life April 2017: Can NLP really work for you?

Jersey Life March 2017 – Is fear holding you back from achieving something in your life?

Jersey Life Mag: Valentine’s Day

Jersey Life Jan 2017 – How happy am I?


JERSEY LIFE MAG: Transform your life by focusing on what you have got rather than what you want

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Attracting the career & job you want – Can mind power help?

JERSEY LIFE MAG: NLP – Behavioural Science Magic or Myth?

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Is lunch for Wimps

JERSEY LIFE MAG: How to beat stress as a teacher pt 2

JERSEY LIFE MAG: How to beat stress as a teacher pt 1

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Move to cut stress levels for teachers in Jersey

JERSEY LIFE: Using NLP to improve customer service

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Do you suffer from work related stress

JERSEY LIFE MAG: Are you alone this Valentines Day?

JERSEY LIFE MAG: How to keep your New Years Resolution



Magazine Publications

NOV 2015: JERSEY LIFE MAG – Social Anxiety

OCT 2015: JERSEY LIFE MAG: Does Social Media have an impact on your children’s mood? Pt 2

OCT 2015: JERSEY LIFE MAG – Does Social Media impact our children’s mood? Pt1

SEPT 2015 – JERSEY LIFE – Are you chasing happiness?

AUG 2015: JERSEY LIFE MAG – Are you getting the best out of your coach?

JUL/AUG/SEPT 2015:Holistic Therapy Magazine: Becoming the Holistic Teen Coach

JUL/AUG/SEPT 2015: HOLISTIC THERAPIST MAGAZINE: Secret of attracting and retaining quality clients

JUL 2015: JERSEY LIFE – How well is your workforce

JUNE 2015: JERSEY LIFE MAG – Can NLP support children’s mental health?

MAY 2015: JERSEY LIFE MAG – How can you minimise exam stress Pt 2

MAY 2015: JERSEY LIFE MAG – How can you minimise exam stress? PT 1

APRIL 2015: Feel Good Naturally Summer is here

MARCH 2015: Interview with Hypnobirthing Expert Jill Yarrow

FEBRUARY 2015: Can Mindfulness help your Business

JANUARY 2015: Chasing Happiness




Magazine Publications

magazine publications

Dec 2014: How Technology supports Complementary & Alternative Practices

magazine publications

Nov 14: Is Stress Stressing you out?











dec14 cover

Can you be fun, socially festive & healthy at Christmas?

Reducing the stigma of Mental Health

Happy or unhappy at work? It’s all in the mind

Are you one of the 70% of Islanders that have one thing in common? A Struggle to Sleep

 Is 2014 going to be a Year of Love or a Year of Loss?

12% of Islanders will Change their lives for the Better in 2014, Will you be One of Them?


Holistic Therapist Mag

Key Principles of Teamwork

Motivation, Inspiration, Procrastination







Magazine PublicationsA Journey Towards Balance – Get Organised

A Journey Towards Balance – Identify and Examine

A Journey Towards Balance – Prioritise and Goal Setting





Magazine PublicationsAugust 2014: Womans Own Magazine

Nutrition i-mag 2014: Expert Advice Column: Helping Stay at Home Mothers







Magazine Publications

NOV 2013: CAM Magazine – What’s the Plan?

Oct 2013: CAM Magazine – Successful practitioners think very differently to unsuccessful practitioners

Sept 2013 : CAM Magazine – Coaching the K

Sept 2013: Jersey Life: Stress in 2013 and How to beat it

August 2013: CAM Magazine – Are you a Serial Studier

August 2013: Jersey Life: Improving your client relationships with NLP

JULY 2013: Jersey Life: The Customer is King

June 2013: Jersey Life: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

May 2013: Jersey Life: Feel Good the Natural Way

July 2013: CAM Magazine – Social Media – Have you joined the revolution?

June 2013: CAM Magazine – Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway

April 2013: Jersey Life Magazine: Are you ready to change your career?

April 2013: CAM Magazine – Client Coaching

March 2013: CAM Magazine – We are always the clients coach

February 2013: CAM Magazine – Researching your profitable practice

January 2013: CAM Magazine – Do you need new premises?


Magazine Publications

December 2012: Jersey Life Magazine: Will stress get the better of you in 2013?

December 2012: CAM Magazine – How Social is your CAM practice?

November 2012: CAM Magazine – Key Performance Indicators Part 3

October 2012: CAM Magazine – The Birth of the CAM Coach THE CAM COACH book – launched October 2012 please visit

September 2012: CAM Magazine: – Key Performance Indicators Part 2

August 2012: CAM Magazine – Key Performance Indicators Part 1

July 2012: Jersey Life Magazine- Addressing real issues facing families today July 2012: CAM Magazine – Getting your clients to choose goals & take action!

June 2012: CAM Magazine – Understanding your client’s readiness to change

June 2012: Holistic Therapist Magazine – Should it be Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company

May 2012: CAM LIFESTYLE – Is your boss bad for your health?

May 2012: CAM Magazine – Keeping in touch with your target audience

April 2012: CAM Magazine- CAM Coaching: Consistently sustaining a Profitable Practice

March 2012: CAM Magazine – CAM Coaching – Business Philosophy, Vision & Mission revisited

February 2012: CAM Magazine – CAM Coaching: Achieve with a Mentor

February 2012: CAM LIFESTYLE – Career Boost February 2012: Jersey Life Magazine – Are you tired? Could it be Adrenal Fatigue?

Jan 2012: Holistic Therapist Magazine – BUSINESS Coaching: Embrace the New Year

January 2012: CAM Magazine – CAM Coaching: Going the distance in 2012: Tele-coaching

January 2012: CAM LIFESTYLE – New Years Resolutions

January 2012: Jersey Life Magazine – Getting a Mentor


Magazine Publications

Jersey Life Magazine – December 2011 – Do we worry too much?

CAM Magazine – December 2011 – 5 steps to a fast start in 2012

CAM Magazine- November 2011 – Make the most of the run up to Christmas

CAM Magazine – October 2011 – Achieve with NLP

CAM Magazine – September 2011 Top tips for Practitioners

CAM Magazine – August 2011 – Increase your client wallet share

CAM Magazine – July 2011: The Silent Challenge

CAM Magazine – June 2011 – Contact: The Strategy

CAM Magazine – March 2011 – Successful Communication is key

CAM Magazine – Feb 2011 – Attracting Quality Clients

CAM Magazine – Jan 2011 – Could we be better at closing our clients?


CAM Magazine – Nov 2010 – Procrastination, Motivation and Inspiration

CAM Magazine – Oct 2010 – The Difference that makes the difference

CAM Magazine – Sept 2010 – Sunday Night Syndrome

Jersey Life – August 2010 – Is your boss bad for your health?

Jersey Life – July 2010 – Fear of the Dentist

Jersey Life – April 2010 – Panic Attacks

Jersey Life – January 2010 – Sunday Night Syndrome


 December: Jersey Life – Sleepless in Jersey

November: Jersey Life – Change your career

 October: Jersey Life – The Difference that makes the difference

September: Jersey Life – Feel Good Factor: The Natural Alternative

August: Jersey Life – Procrastination, Motivation & Inspiration

July: Jersey Life – How to read Body Language

June: Jersey Life – Mind Power to Help You Shed The Pounds

May: Jersey Life – How Do You Ensure You Get The Most From Your Life Coach?

April: Jersey Life – The Unknown Fear

March: Jersey Life – Finding the Balance in Uncertain Times

February: Jersey Life – Take Back Control and Personal Power in the Workplace

January: Jersey Life -Behavioural Change Strategies


December: Jersey Life – Confidence

November: Jersey Life – Happy or Sad this Winter?

October: Jersey Life – Hypnotherapy, the New Career of the Millenium

September: Jersey Life – Stress – What Stress?

August – Changing Times – How Are We Coping?

July: Jersey Life – Another Sleepless Night – How Will I Cope Tomorrow

June: Jersey Life – The Success Plan

May: Jersey Life – The Power of the Mind Restores Young Girls Sight

April: Jersey Life – Social Anxiety

March: Jersey Life – Put the Spring Back In Your Step – Lose Weight For Spring

February: Jersey Life – Stress in 2008 and How to Beat It

January: Jersey Life – Transform Your Life With Our Unique 7 Day Plan


December: Jersey Life -12 Steps to a Stress Free Christmas

November: Jersey Life – Islander Takes to the Skies – Overcome his Fear of Flying

October: Jersey Life – Seasonal Affective Disorder

September – Panic Attacks – What are they and how do we beat them?

August – Fear of Flying 2007 July – Stop Smoking – What Works?

June – Stop Smoking 2007 May – Has The Recent Ban Encouraged People to Stop Smoking in Jersey

April – How to Re-Program Your Life with NLP

March – Hypnotherapy 2007 February – Life Coaching

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