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Stress Program Our Stress Less Program works with Neuro Nutrition
Behavioural Change Therapies (NEURO) + Nutritional Therapy (NUTRITION)

Stress Program These Programmes have been specifically designed to combine behavioural change techniques with Nutritional Therapy

We know that healthy eating feeds the body and enables us to function effectively but so do our thoughts. This two-pronged approach has achieved great success for clients looking for:

Stress Management
Exhaustion Fatigue, IBS


Stress Program


Stress Program. Mark Shields, Managing Director of the Life Practice UK is known throughout the UK for the work he has done in this area of looking at work-related stress disorders such anxiety and depression and how they can be rectified through behavioural change techniques using NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meridian based therapies.

Our Nutritional Therapist, Karen Shields offers personalised Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations in order to ensure that each client is receiving the adequate nutrients in their diet to support their condition. “Stressful situations can deplete nutrient stores which may affect individuals with blood sugar imbalances, insomnia, poor concentration, irritability, confusion, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite and lack of motivation“.

How it works

Our Neuro Nutrition programme consists of five consultations over a period of 12 weeks whereby each consultation is alternated between Behavioural Change work and Nutritional Therapy work.

Work prior to the Appointment

Prior to your consultation you will be asked to complete a Mood & Food diary over seven days listing all the foods consumed plus an entry of mood to establish recognition of stressors. This can be emailed to us prior to your appointment. This will be a requirement on a weekly basis throughout the five week period in order to keep track of the client’s progress and offer guidance and support where required.

Program Package – £1795.00

If you wish to book this programme or would like further details please contact us on 01462 431112